Instructions Here

These scans came from the original film envelopes, which usually contained both prints and negatives, and which have mostly been marked with the same descriptions shown below. These descriptions have also been used as the filenames for the scans contained on my computer. I will add to them or change them if anybody can tell me more accurate information, like the year they were taken. This is organized as an “album”, which is a collection of “galleries”. Each group of pictures, accessible by clicking on a “gallery”:

  1. you should now see see some thumbnails, one for each picture in the “gallery”.
  2. click on any one and you will have a bigger version of that picture in a so-called “lightbox”.

It has rounded corners, and several buttons. You can see all the pictures using either the left and right arrow buttons, or the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.’

  1. If you press the button in the lower right hand corner of the picture you will start an automatic slideshow which will show you all the pictures starting at the one you are on. It will loop to the beginning again and show you all of them.
  2. If you press the button at the top left corner of the picture, you will see a version which is even larger. The other buttons are still there, so you can left and right arrow through the pictures, or run the automatic slideshow, and all the pictures will be full size.

The album of galleries is shown below.