50s and 60s monochrome

1952 Summer vacation

1956 Spring Dearborn

Winter Beech Road

Beech Road, Spring 1958

Dan, Summer and Fall 1960 (4252 Mount Royal)

Summer vacation, 1956

Beech Road 1957

Belle Isle Zoo, Spring 1960

Beech Road

Beech Road

Beech Road

Mike, Chris, Church

Dearborn, Spring 1956

Winter 1958-59, Clare’s 4th bithday

1956 High Falls

Spring 1960, Mike Confirmation, Chris first communion

Mike, Clare, Dad, Grandma Sullivan

Algonquin Park, August 1956

Clare, Chris, Winter, Spring 1956

Chris, Clare, Winter 1956

Summer vacation 1956, picking blueberries

Summer vacation 1959, Train from Windsor Station

Queen’s visit to Windsor Ontario, Dieppe Park, 1959

Queen’s visit again, including view of Riverside Drive, Windsor Ontario, 1959. Note: Flag on the building on Riverside was once flown on the front lawn of 4252 Mount Royal. Note also the words “The Cleary Audiitorium”, probably a billboard ad. The final auditorium looked like http://swoda.uwindsor.ca/content/117

Now called St. Clair College Centre For The Performing Arts, it was originally named for Francis Cleary and dedicated to WWI, WWII and Korean War soldiers.

Kingston, June 1960

Spring 1958 Beech Road

Winter 1952

Fall 1960 Danny Plane Mike Chris

1956 Algonquin Park

Winter, spring 1956 Beech Road

Mike’s Confirmation, 1960

Winter 1956, Beech Road

Beech Road 1957

Spring 1956 U of Detroit Henry IV Barb

Spring 1956 Dearborn

1960 Midland, Santa Claus Village

Pups and kids

Winter 1952

Summer 1959 Midland

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Spring/winter 1956 Dearborn

Summer 1959 Midland Ontario

Dayton Mother Goose at Santa’s Village and Mad Tea Party

Summer Vacation 1959, Three Weis Virgins

Kingston June 1960

1960 Ambassador Park

1959 Mike First Communion

Belle Isle, Spring 1960

Moons’s 1956

1st picture of Dan in bassinet, summer 1958

Face of Volt-Ohmmeter under construction, kindergarten group 1958

Mike’s First Communion Spring 1959 with contact sheet

Clare in playpen, flowers, spring 1955

Craigleth 1959

1959 Craigleth Shores, Meccano

Winter, spring 1956, Barbara, Chris, Clare

Anne’s backyard 1957

Summer vacation 1956

Beech Road 1954

Winter, Spring 1955 Beech Road

Mike, Chris, Clare 1955

Summer 1959 Dayton

Mike’s First Communion, Danny

Dad 1956

Craigleith, Summer 1959